School Meeting

Location: L326 Auchmuty Library
Date: 11:00 am, Wed, 16th Apr 2014


CARMA Colloquium

"Personal Protective Behaviour During an Epidemic "
Jennifer Badham

Location: V129 Mathematics Building
Date: 4:00 pm, Wed, 16th Apr 2014


CARMA Discrete Mathematics Seminar

"The Oberwolfach Problem Re-Visited"
Prof Brian Alspach

Location: V129 Mathematics Building
Date: 4:00 pm, Thu, 17th Apr 2014

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George Willis elected Fellow of Australian Academy

CARMA Deputy Director George Willis is one of 20 new Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science -- announced a few minutes ago, see the FAA website. The FAA is the highest Australi... [READ MORE]

Registration now open for AMSI Winter School 2014!

Registrations for the 2014 AMSI Winter School are now open. The registration deadline for students intending to apply for travel and accommodation scholarships is 2 May 2014. More ... [READ MORE]


Selected paper from DocServer
Martha N. Limber, James H. Curry


It is shown that simple shooting and a standard iterative technique, e.g. Newton's method, applied to a regular elliptic Sturm-Liouville boundary value problem form a chaotic dynamical system. We then develop and apply an action-angle modification of the Prufer substitution based on a Hamiltonian formalism which, when applied to the transformed Sturm-Liouville system, eliminates the chaotic set and ensures convergence of the Newton iterates. A further generalization of the Prufer modified transformation leads to a class of higher order heuristic methods for integrating Sturm-Liouville equations.


Membership to CARMA offers many benefits and is available by invitation to all University of Newcastle academic staff. Associate membership, also by invitation, is available to external researchers and practitioners for three-year renewable terms. Associate members are expected to visit CARMA with some frequency, typically for a total of three to four weeks in a year, and to be involved in one or more ongoing research projects with CARMA members. CARMA is able to assist with the travel and living costs of such visits.