Summer Scholar Presentations

"On normal numbers and experimental mathematics"
Elliot Catt
"An Investigation Into Gram Matrices of Rectangular {+1,-1} Matrices"
Joshua Hartigan
"Short walks in higher dimensions"
Ghislain McKay
"I prefer Pi"
Corey Sinnamon
"1324 avoiding permutations"
Tom Robinson
"The fairness of voting systems"
Chris Wright
"The theorem of Copeland and Erdos on normal numbers"
Jordan Velich
"Wave Scattering by a String with Masses and Springs"
Lachlan O'Neil

Location: V206 Mathematics Building
Date: 12:00 pm, Tue, 3rd Feb 2015

CARMA Summer Student and RHD Seminar

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 12:00 pm, Thu, 5th Feb 2015

Details to be updated later.

SPCOM 2015: South Pacific Continuous Optimization Meeting

Location: Adelaide (University of South Australia)
Date: 9:00 am, Sun, 8th Feb 2015

SPCOM 2015 will offer a rich scientific program consisting of Conference Talks, a Fitzpatrick Workshop, two half-day Tutorials, and a Poster Session. Further details and a list of speakers are available on the conference website.

These are the events in the next 7 days. For more, see the events page.


Coming up next: SPCOM (in Adelaide)! (8-12 February)


Congratulations to Cameron Rogers

Cameron received an Honourable Mention for his talk "Using Random walks to estimate the shape of Folner Sets" at the 8th Australia and New Zealand Mathematics Convention in Melbourne last week.

More promotion: PROF Ljiljana Brankovic

CARMA member Ljiljana Brankovic has been promoted to full professor. Congratulations!

Matt Tam awarded CTAC prize for talk

CARMA PhD student Matthew Tam has been awarded one of four student prizes for his talk "Reflection Methods for Inverse Problems" at the biennial Computation Techniques and Applications ... [READ MORE]


Selected paper from DocServer
Dansheng Yu


In this note, some embedding relations among many important functional classes are considered. Results of Leindler are extended and improved.


Membership to CARMA offers many benefits and is available by invitation to all University of Newcastle academic staff. Associate membership, also by invitation, is available to external researchers and practitioners for three-year renewable terms. Associate members are expected to visit CARMA with some frequency, typically for a total of three to four weeks in a year, and to be involved in one or more ongoing research projects with CARMA members. CARMA is able to assist with the travel and living costs of such visits.