"Regularity of Non-Negative Sparsity Sets"
Mr Matthew Tam

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 1:00 pm, Thu, 2nd Oct 2014


CARMA Discrete Mathematics Seminar

"Searching Graphs: IV"
Prof Brian Alspach

Location: V129 Mathematics Building
Date: 3:00 pm, Thu, 2nd Oct 2014


CARMA Colloquium

"Some Recent Advances of Polynomial Optimization: going back and forth between the "polynomial world'' and the "convexity world''"
Guoyin Li

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 4:00 pm, Thu, 2nd Oct 2014

Tools for Mathematical Computation

Location: V206 Mathematics Building
Date: 10:00 am, Tue, 7th Oct 2014

As part of Jon Borwein's Experimental Mathematics Course, he is exploring the uses of the currently available tools for mathematical computation. Each lecture should be independently accessible, so feel free to drop in.

School Meeting

Location: TBA
Date: 10:00 am, Wed, 8th Oct 2014

These are the events in the next 7 days. For more, see the events page.


Coming up: NTDU : Number Theory Down Under! (24-25 October, 2014)


Maths on Spanish tv

Here is a new ad for the spanish lottery Look carefully at the guy with the beard.

Group Theory Webinar is back

The international group theory webinar series starts this week: Jan Cannizzo (Stevens Institute of Technology) "An introduction to sofic structures"

Mumtaz Hussain awarded fellowship to visit the UK

CARMA's Mumtaz Hussain has been awarded highly competitive faculty visiting fellowship for collaborative research at the University of York and Durham University (United Kingdom).


Selected paper from DocServer
Jonathan M. Borwein, Jon D. Vanderwerff


We investigate when closed convex sets can be written as countable intersections of closed half-spaces in Banach spaces. It is reasonable to consider this class to comprise the constructible convex sets since such sets are precisely those that can be defined by a countable number of linear inequalities, hence are accessible to techniques of semi-infinite convex programming. We also explore some model theoretic implications. Applications to set convergence are given as limiting examples.


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