CARMA Lecture

"Lectures on Thompson's groups - final"
José Burillo

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 11:00 am, Mon, 3rd Nov 2014

Tools for Mathematical Computation

Location: V206 Mathematics Building
Date: 10:00 am, Tue, 4th Nov 2014

As part of Jon Borwein's Experimental Mathematics Course, he is exploring the uses of the currently available tools for mathematical computation. Each lecture should be independently accessible, so feel free to drop in.


"On continued fraction expansion of potential counterexamples to mixed Littlewood conjecture"
Dr Dzmitry Badziahin

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 10:00 am, Wed, 5th Nov 2014


Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 1:00 pm, Thu, 6th Nov 2014

These are the events in the next 7 days. For more, see the events page.


Coming up next: Newcastle Maths Educators Conference! (6 February)


Zudilin, Wan, Straub and Borwein win CMS best paper prize

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) is pleased to announce the co-recipients of the 2014 G. de B. Robinson Award. Jonathan M. Borwein (Newcastle, NSW), Armin Straub (Illinois), Jame... [READ MORE]

Prof Richard Brent awarded 2014 Moyal Medal

Macquarie University has awarded the Moyal Medal for 2014 to Professor Richard Brent. See the medallists page for a list of previous winners and the 2014 Moyal Lecture page for details ... [READ MORE]

CARMA welcomes two new Research Associates

CARMA welcomes Dr Ohad Giladi (Functional Analysis) and Dr Paul Vrbik (Computer Algebra) who have recently taken two year Research Associate posts.


Selected quotation

'where almost one quarter hour was spent, each beholding the other with admiration before one word was spoken: at last Mr. Briggs began "My Lord, I have undertaken this long journey purposely to see your person, and to know by what wit or ingenuity you first came to think of this most excellent help unto Astronomy, viz. the Logarithms: but my Lord, being by you found out, I wonder nobody else found it out before, when now being known it appears so easy." '

(Henry Briggs, 1617)

Briggs, later the first Savelian Professor of Geometry in Oxford, is describing his first meeting with Napier whom he had traveled from London to Edinburgh to meet. From H.W. Turnbull's The Great Mathematicians, Methuen, 1929.


Membership to CARMA offers many benefits and is available by invitation to all University of Newcastle academic staff. Associate membership, also by invitation, is available to external researchers and practitioners for three-year renewable terms. Associate members are expected to visit CARMA with some frequency, typically for a total of three to four weeks in a year, and to be involved in one or more ongoing research projects with CARMA members. CARMA is able to assist with the travel and living costs of such visits.