Mathematica Presentation

Location: VG-01 Mathematics Building
Date: 10:30 am, Fri, 19th Sep 2014

Presentation from Wolfram about Mathematica.

Tools for Mathematical Computation

Location: V206 Mathematics Building
Date: 10:00 am, Tue, 23rd Sep 2014

As part of Jon Borwein's Experimental Mathematics Course, he is exploring the uses of the currently available tools for mathematical computation. Each lecture should be independently accessible, so feel free to drop in.

Joint CARMA OANT and EECS Seminar

"Converse Theorems in Lyapunov's Second Method and Constructive Methods: Part I"
A/Prof Christopher Kellett

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 10:00 am, Wed, 24th Sep 2014


"The Ribe Program"
Ohad Giladi
"Global optimization of generalized pooling problems"
Fabian Rigterink

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 1:00 pm, Thu, 25th Sep 2014

Ohab Giladi and Fabian Rigterink will present some of their work.

CARMA Colloquium

"Variations on a theme of Mahler"
Dr Michael Coons

Location: V205 Mathematics Building
Date: 4:00 pm, Thu, 25th Sep 2014

These are the events in the next 7 days. For more, see the events page.


Coming up: NTDU : Number Theory Down Under! (24-25 October, 2014)


Mumtaz Hussain awarded fellowship to visit the UK

CARMA's Mumtaz Hussain has been awarded highly competitive faculty visiting fellowship for collaborative research at the University of York and Durham University (United Kingdom).

AMSI Summer Research Scholarships -- Apply Now! Get funding to complete a six-week summer research project under the guidance of a (CARMA) supervisor! Scholarships: Australia wide $450/week for... [READ MORE]

UWS senior applied maths position

From the University of Western Sydney: "The Centre for Research in Mathematics at UWS ( is seeking to build its strength in Applied Mathematics. We are looking... [READ MORE]


Selected paper from DocServer
David H. Bailey, Jonathan M. Borwein, Richard E. Crandall


We present rapidly converging series for the Khintchine constant and for general ``Khintchine means'' of continued fractions. We show that each of these constants can be cast in terms of an efficient free-parameter series, each of which involves only values of the Riemann zeta function, rationals, and logarithms of rationals. We provide an alternative, polylogarithm series for the Khintchine constant and indicate means to accelerate such series. We discuss properties of some explicit continued fractions, constructing specific fractions that have limiting geometric mean equal to the Khintchine constant. We report numerical evaluations of such special numbers and of various Khintchine means. In particular, we used an optimized series and a collection of fast algorithms to evaluate the Khintchine constant to more than 7000 decimal places.


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