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CARMA Resources

Listed below are a number of online resources and databases hosted by CARMA.
  • BBP-type Formula Database
    Mathematical constants who can be represented by BBP-type formula have the property that their n-th digit can be directly calculated without needing to compute any of the first (n-1) digits. This online database presents a comprehensive compilation of both formal and experimental BBP-type formulae.
  • CARMA Reads...
    Mathematically or scientifically related books recommended by CARMA members.
  • Books:
    • Convex Functions
      Resources and errata for Convex Functions by Jonathan M. Borwein and Jon D. Vanderwerff (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 109).
    • Lattice Sums Then and Now
      Resources and errata for Lattice Sums Then and Now by Jonathan M. Borwein, Larry Glasser, Ross McPhedran, James Wan and John Zucker (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 150).
    • Neverending Fractions
      Resources and errata for Neverending Fractions by Jonathan M. Borwein, Alf van der Poorten, Jeffrey Shallit and Wadim Zudilin (Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series 23).
  • David Borwein at Ninety
    A tribute, archive and biography, including a timeline of his life and archive of his publications.
  • DocServer repository
    The DocServer repository is a preprint server for CARMA and related authors.
  • Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications
    The Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications is supported by CARMA. It is a refereed journal devoted to all areas of modern graph theory together with applications to other fields of science.
  • Experimental Mathematics
    Experimental mathematics is a raison d'être for CARMA; this page outlines a variety of current projects.
  • ISC2
    The Inverse Symbolic Calculator 2 (ISC2) uses a combination of lookup tables and integer relation algorithms in order to associate with a user-defined, truncated decimal expansion (represented as a floating point expression) a closed form representation for the real number.
  • The Kurt Mahler Archive
    The complete works of Kurt Mahler, collected in memory of Alf van der Poorten.
  • Mathematicians Against Fraudulent Financial and Investment Advice (MAFFIA)
    A "site created out of concern with the proliferation of quasi-mathematical investment claims and schemes in the past few years... which appear to be based on sophisticated mathematics, but which, upon more careful and rigorous analysis, are at best questionable."
  • Numbers
    Inside you will find 12 famous mathematical contestants battling it out for supremacy.
  • numeric
    There is a deep tradition within the mathematical sciences at the university of newcastle of care and involvement in education at all levels. We have a critical mass of people invested in this tradition, and this page is intended to describe and promote our activities, and hopefully to promote cooperation with other like-minded persons.
  • Quotations
    A collection of quotations gathered by Jon Borwein.
  • Visualisation at CARMA
    A collection of visualisation-related projects at CARMA.
  • Walking on Real Numbers
    A multimedia mathematics project.
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