"Dynamic Programming - Part II: Stochastic Approach"
   Dr Ali Eshragh

1:00 pm, Tue, 4th Aug 2015
V205, Mathematics Building


PhD Completion Seminar

"Iterative Projection and Reflection Methods"
   — Mr Matthew Tam

"Moving from cogrowth rates to Følner sets via a random walk"
   —  Cameron Rogers

11:00 am, Wed, 5th Aug 2015
V206, Mathematics Building

CARMA Discrete Mathematics Seminar

"Convex Partition and Graph Embedding"
    Paul Samuel

3:00 pm, Thu, 6th Aug 2015
V31Mathematics Building

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Coming up next: Workshop in Honour of Brailey Sims! (21-23 August)


CARMA Director elected to a FRSNSW

CARMA Director, Jonathan Borwein, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales. "The Society is the oldest learned society in the Southern Hemisphere, tracing its o... [READ MORE]

CARMA financial research hits SSRN Top 10 three times.

Work by CARMA's financial mathematics group (MAFFIA) led by Dave Bailey and Jon Borwein, occupies three of the top ten places in the Econometrics: Mathematical Methods and Programming... [READ MORE]

Mathematical Logic and Philosophy lectures now online

Videos of the four Mathematical Logic and Philosophy lectures, given here recently by Prof Jeremy Avigad, are now available on the CARMA website. For future reference, they are linked ... [READ MORE]


Selected paper from DocServer
Jonathan M. Borwein, Adrian Lewis, Qiji J. Zhu


It was shown in Part I of this work that the Gateaux differentiability of a convex unitarily invariant function is characterized by that of a similar induced rearrangement invariant function on the corresponding spectral space. A natural question is then whether this is also the case for Fr\'echet differentiability. In this paper we show the answer is positive. Although the result appears very natural, the proof turns out to be quite technically involved.


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