SSA National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC)

Community Division
Why should kids have all the fun?

For general information about how the competition works, rules, scoring, concepts and resources, please visit the main SSA National Schools Poster Competition website.

Statistics + X: what's your X?

The SSA National Statistics Poster Competition encourages teams to develop, implement and creatively report upon an investigation on any topic of interest to them (the 'X')... for prizes!

Form teams of 2 to 5 participants and conduct a small-scale version of a real-world investigation, developing core STEM and cross-functional skills. Create an informative e-poster presentation communicating your investigation clearly, concisely and creatively and utilising quantitative comparisons, displays and analysis.

Submissions received before 15 August 2020 will go into the draw for a special National Science Week $100 prize.

All submissions received prior to 10 November 2020 will be eligible for the grand prize ($400) and runner-up prizes ($100) - which may be split in the event of multiple winners.

To register for the Community Division:

(Please note that accounts for the Community Division and the Schools Competition are on different systems and separate accounts should be made.)