Starting time and dateSeriesWhereBroadcast?Talks
PRINT4:00 pm, Thu, 2nd May 2019CARMA SEMINARSR202, SR Building "Stabilizing controllers with avoidance properties (for underactuated linear systems)" (Dr Philipp Braun)
PRINT12:00 pm, Fri, 3rd May 2019SYMMETRY IN NEWCASTLETBA "Quotient algorithms (a.k.a. how to compute with finitely presented groups)" (Dr Heiko Dietrich)
"TBA" (Dr Youming Qiao)
"Computations of Galois groups and splitting fields" (Dr Nicole Sutherland)
PRINT9:00 am, Thu, 9th May 2019CARMA WORKSHOPSR202, SR Building Lie Symmetry Techniques for PDEsEMAIL
PRINT4:00 pm, Tue, 4th Jun 2019CARMA SEMINARSR202, SR Building "Yang-Baxter integrable dimers and Fused Restricted-Solid-On-Solid Models" (Alessandra Vittorini Orgeas)
PRINT9:00 am, Wed, 5th Jun 2019CARMA WORKSHOPNewSpace (City Campus Campus, The University of Newcastle) CARMA Workshop on Computer-Aided ProofEMAIL
PRINT9:00 am, Sun, 8th Dec 2019CARMA WORKSHOPTBA Data Science Down-UnderEMAIL
PRINT9:00 am, Tue, 28th Jan 2020CARMA WORKSHOPNewSpace (City Campus Campus, The University of Newcastle) Mathematics in Industry Study Group 2020EMAIL

For reference, the SeeVogh test meeting is 7532474432 (or join here).
You can also join the CARMA meeting.

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