Starting time and dateSeriesWhereBroadcast?Talks
PRINT12:00 pm, Fri, 1st Mar 2019SYMMETRY IN NEWCASTLEMC102, McMullin "TBA" (Dr Zahra Afsar)
"TBA" (Prof. Marcelo Laca)
"TBA" (Prof. Aidan Sims)
PRINT4:00 pm, Thu, 7th Mar 2019CARMA COLLOQUIUMTBA "Mahler's methods: theorems, speculations and variations" (Dr Michael Coons)
PRINT12:00 pm, Fri, 15th Mar 2019SYMMETRY IN NEWCASTLETBA "TBA" (ARC Laureate Fellow George Willis)
"TBA" (ARC Laureate Fellow Mathai Varghese)
"TBA" (ARC Laureate Fellow Fedor Sukochev)
PRINT12:00 pm, Fri, 5th Apr 2019SYMMETRY IN NEWCASTLETBA "TBA" (Dr Arnaud Brothier)
"TBA" (A/Prof. Murray Elder)
"TBA" (Dr Lawrence Reeves)
PRINT9:00 am, Sun, 7th Apr 2019CARMA WORKSHOPNoah's On the Beach  International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating BodiesEMAIL

For reference, the SeeVogh test meeting is 7532474432 (or join here).
You can also join the CARMA meeting.

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