• Speaker: Dr Liangjin Yao, CARMA, The University of Newcastle
  • Title: A structure theorem for maximally monotone operators with points of continuity
  • Location: Room V205, Mathematics Building (Callaghan Campus) The University of Newcastle
  • Access Grid Venue: UNewcastle [ENQUIRIES]
  • Time and Date: 9:30 am, Thu, 19th Apr 2012
  • (Rescheduled from 29 March.)
  • Abstract:

    In this talk, we consider the structure of maximally monotone operators in Banach space whose domains have nonempty interior and we present new and explicit structure formulas for such operators. Along the way, we provide new proofs of the norm-to-weakstar closedness and property (Q) of these operators (recently established by Voisei). Various applications and limiting examples are given. This is the joint work with Jon Borwein.

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