• Speaker: Prof David Bailey, Berkeley, California
  • Title: Hand to hand combat with thousand-digit integrals
  • Location: Room V205, Mathematics Building (Callaghan Campus) The University of Newcastle
  • Access Grid Venue: UNewcastle [ENQUIRIES]
  • Time and Date: 3:00 pm, Mon, 3rd Sep 2012
  • Abstract:

    A frequent theme of 21st century experimental math is the computer discovery of identities, typically done by means of computing some mathematical entity (a sum, limit, integral, etc) to very high numeric precision, then using the PSLQ algorithm to identify the entity in terms of well known constants.

    Perhaps the most successful application of this methodology has been to identify integrals arising in mathematical physics. This talk will present numerous examples of this type, including integrals from quantum field theory, Ising theory, random walks, 3D lattice problems, and even mouse brains. In some cases, it is necessary to compute these integrals to 3000-digit precision, and developing techniques to do such computations is a daunting technical challenge.

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