• Speaker: Victoria Stodden, Department of Statistics, Columbia University
  • Title: Reproducibility in Experimental Mathematics
  • Location: Room V206, Mathematics Building (Callaghan Campus) The University of Newcastle
  • Time and Date: 3:00 pm, Fri, 28th Mar 2014
  • Abstract:

    New questions regarding the reliability and verifiability of scientific findings are emerging as computational methods are being increasingly used in research. In this talk I will present a framework for incorporating computational research into the scientific method, namely standards for carrying out and disseminating research to facilitate reproducibility. I will present some recent empirical results on data and code publication; the pilot project http://ResearchCompendia.org for linking data and codes to published results and validating findings; and the "Reproducible Research Standard" for ensuring the distribution of legally usable data and code. If time permits, I will present preliminary work on assessing the reproducibility of published computational findings based on the 2012 ICERM workshop on Reproducibility in Computational and Experimental Mathematics report [1]. Some of this research is described in my forthcoming co-edited books "Implementing Reproducible Research" and "Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good."

    [1] D. H. Bailey, J. M. Borwein, Victoria Stodden "Set the Default to 'Open'," Notices of the AMS, June/July 2013.

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