• Speaker: Dr Mojtaba Heydar, ARC Centre for Food and Beverage Supply Chain Optimisation, The University of Newcastle
  • Title: Models for cyclic train timetabling and platforming
  • Location: Room V205, Mathematics Building (Callaghan Campus) The University of Newcastle
  • Time and Date: 4:00 pm, Thu, 9th Jul 2015
  • Abstract:

    Managing railway in general and high speed rail in particular is a very complex task which involves many different interrelated decisions in all three strategic, tactical, and operational phases. In this research two different mixed integer linear programing models are presented which are the literature's first models of their kind. In the first model a single line with two different train types is considered. In the second model a cyclic train timetabling and platforming assignment problems are considered and solved to optimality. For this model, methods for obtaining bounds on the first objective function are presented. Some pre-processing techniques to reduce the number of decision variables and constraints are also proposed. Proposed models' objectives are to minimize (1) the cyclic length, called Interval, and (2) the total journey time of all trains dispatched from their origin in each cycle. Here we explicitly consider the minimization of the cycle length using linear constraints and linear objective function. The proposed models are different from and faster than the widely-used Period Event Scheduling Problem (PESP).

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