CARMA Seminar

4:00 pm

Thursday, 2nd May 2019

SR202, SR Building

Dr Philipp Braun

(School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Newcastle)

Stabilizing controllers with avoidance properties (for underactuated linear systems)

For linear and nonlinear dynamical systems, control problems such as feedback stabilization of target sets and feedback laws guaranteeing obstacle avoidance are topics of interest throughout the control literature. While the isolated problems (i.e., guaranteeing only stability or avoidance) are well understood, the combined control problem guaranteeing stability and avoidance simultaneously is leading to significant challenges even in the case of linear systems. In this talk we highlight difficulties in the controller design with conflicting objectives in terms of guaranteed avoidance of bounded sets and asymptotic stability of the origin. In addition, using the framework of hybrid systems, we propose a partial solution to the combined control problem for underactuated linear systems.