CARMA Outreach Event

Celebrating Our Outreach in the Mathematical Sciences

12:05 pm — 4:15 pm

Friday, 17th Aug 2012

Nelson Room, Shortland Building

View the final programme here.

We are holding an afternoon mini-conference, in conjunction with the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

If you are engaged in any of the many Outreach Activities in the Mathematical Sciences that people from CARMA, our School and beyond contribute to, for example visiting primary or secondary schools, presenting to schools who visit us, public lectures, media interviews, helping run maths competitions, etc etc, and would like to share what you're doing, please let us know. Also if you're not currently engaged in an outreach activity but have an idea that you would like to try, and want to use a talk about your idea as a "sounding board", please feel free to do so.

There will be some very short talks: 5 minutes, and some longer talks: 20 minutes, with time for discussion in between. We'll be serving afternoon tea throughout the afternoon; and will have an open discussion forum near the end of the day. If you're interested in giving a talk please contact, indicating whether you'd prefer a 5-minute or a 20-minute slot. If you're simply interested in attending, please let us know as well for catering purposes. The event will be held in one of the function rooms in the Shortland building.

12:05 — Begin, with welcome and lunch
15:45 — Last talk finishes
15:45-16:15 — Open discussion

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