PhD Completion Seminar

2:00 pm

Monday, 17th Nov 2014

V206, Mathematics Building

Hadi Charkhgard

(School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, The University of Newcastle)

Theory and Algorithms for Multi-objective Integer Programming

Multi-objective optimisation is one of the earliest fields of study in operations research. In fact, Francis Edgeworth (1845--1926) and Vilfredo Pareto (1848--1923) laid the foundations of this field of study over one hundred years ago. Many real world-problems involve multiple objectives. Due to conflict between objectives, finding a feasible solution that simultaneously optimises all objectives is usually impossible. Consequently, in practice, decision makers want to understand the trade off between objectives before choosing suitable solution. Thus, generating many or all efficient solutions, i.e., solutions in which it is impossible to improve the value of one objective without a deterioration in the value of at least one other objective, is the primary goal in multi-objective optimisation. In this talk, I will focus on Multi-objective Integer Programs (MOIPs) and explain briefly some new efficient algorithms that I have developed since starting my PhD to solve MOIPs. I also explain some links between the ideas of multi-objective integer programming and other fields of study such as game theory.