CARMA Workshop

Interactions Between Semigroups and Operator Algebras

Monday, 24th Jul 2017 — Friday, 28th Jul 2017

Location to be decided

The aim of this workshop is to bring together the world's foremost experts on the theory of semigroups and their relationships to other fields of mathematics such as operator algebras and totally disconnected locally compact groups. This workshop will allow the international leaders in the field to come to Australia to teach young Australian ECRs, and to forge new collaborations with Australian mathematicians.

Details will be available on the conference website.

Operator algebras associated to semigroups can be traced back to a famous theorem of Coburn from the 1960s. The theory has recently been reinvigorated through Xin Li's construction of semigroup C*-algebras. Li's construction has introduced new and interesting classes of C*-algebras, which have deep connections to number theory and dynamical systems. One connection that will be thoroughly explored through this meeting is that to the representation theory of totally disconnected locally compact groups.