Douglas-Rachford Working Group

1:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Tuesday, 1st Dec 2015

V205, Mathematics Building

Meeting of the Douglas-Rachford Working Group. Speakers Jon Borwein, Matt Tam and Jeff Hogan. Everyone welcome.

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CARMA Workshop

ANZAMP Satellite Meeting: Tony Guttman at 70

Monday, 7th Dec 2015 — Tuesday, 8th Dec 2015

Noah's On the Beach [Newcastle, NSW]

Information about this meeting is available at

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CARMA Conference


Wednesday, 9th Dec 2015 — Friday, 11th Dec 2015

Noah's On the Beach [Newcastle, NSW]

Information about the meeting is available on the meeting website.

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CARMA Colloquium

4:00 pm

Wednesday, 16th Dec 2015

V205, Mathematics Building

Prof Frank Garvan

(University of Florida)

Transformation Properties for Dyson's Rank Fun

At the 1987 Ramanujan Centenary meeting Dyson asked for a coherent group-theoretical structure for Ramanujan's mock theta functions analogous to Hecke's theory of modular forms. We extend the work of Bringmann and Ono, and Ahlgren and Treneer on answering this question.

CARMA and University of New Caledonia Conference

South Pacific Optimization Workshop SPOW 2016

Tuesday, 16th Feb 2016 — Thursday, 18th Feb 2016


For information, please visit the workshop website.

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