Public Lecture

5:00 pm — 6:30 pm

Friday, 31st Jan 2020

Newcastle City Hall, None

A special public event in conjunction with the Mathematics in Industry Workshop. Please register for free to attend this public lecture. Please arrive by 5:00 pm for 5:30 pm. PLEASE NOTE NEW VENUE: Hunter Room, Newcastle City Hall (290 King Street, Newcastle).

Prof. Ryan Loxton

(School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Curtin University)

Mathematics in Industry: Optimisation in Action - Unlocking Value in the Mining, Energy, and Agriculture Industries

Optimisation is a branch of applied mathematics that focuses on using mathematical techniques to optimise complex systems. Real-world optimisation problems are typically enormous in scale, with hundreds of thousands of inter-related variables and constraints, multiple conflicting objectives, and numerous candidate solutions that can easily exceed the total number of atoms in the solar system, overwhelming even the fastest supercomputers. Mathematical optimisation has numerous applications in business and industry, but there is a big mismatch between the optimisation problems studied in academia (which tend to be highly structured problems) and those encountered in practice (which are non-standard, highly unstructured problems). This lecture gives a non-technical overview of the presenter's recent experiences in building optimisation models and practical algorithms in the oil and gas, mining, and agriculture sectors. Some of this practical work has led to academic journal articles, showing that the gap between industry and academia can be overcome.