Indigenising University Mathematics

Community Contributions

Microwave Jenny - Tessa Nuki and Brendon Boney

Microwave Jenny will perform live for us! They will also take a few minutes to reflect upon and talk about their work.

This duo is a well-loved staple of many Wollotuka events.

Physical Thinking - Erik Stern

Problem-solving and creative thinking are not the domain of any particular area of human endeavors – rather they're part of all human endeavors. Reasoning can be physical, action-based, and experiential. In this short session, Erik Stern gives us a glimpse of what this means. Erik's interdisciplinary work connects choreographic/dance thinking with mathematical thinking. He has presented and performed throughout North American and in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Along with Karl Schaffer and Scott Kim, he wrote Math Dance… a user-friendly book outlining these embodied methods. In November 2021, Erik will be a visiting fellow at the University of Bologna’s Institute of Advanced Study, where he will share his recent scholarship related to Pattern Play, a college mathematics and movement course he co-designed.

Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern's TEDx Manhattan Beach Talk:

Knots, Strings, Weaving and Category Theory - James Juniper

James is a conjoint member of the Business School at the University of Newcastle. He will talk about current developments in Applied Category Theory, of relevance to the digital economy. He will primarily use a diagrammatic approach, and relate it to pedagogy.

Kamuela Yong will talk about the Indigenous Mathematicians network that he has started:

Storigami - Michael Assis and Michael Donovan

The speakers will tell a story from an Indigenous tradition, accompanied by the folding of an original piece of origami which was designed to accompany the story.