Wave Scattering in the MIZ

The aim of my research is to understand the way in which sea ice and waves interact.  The main problem we have is modelling the complex motion of floating sheets of ice when they are being forced to move under wave action.  Recently, in joint work with my PhD student we have shown how to model this for hundreds or even thousands of ice floes (Kohout and Meylan 2008). This paper has been highly cited and has influenced a number of recent developments in modelling wave-ice interaction.  Recent work with Alison Kohout has shown that waves could play a much bigger role in the earths climate than previously believed ( Scientific American  and BBC). I was also interviewed on ABC1233.

Linear Water Waves

I am working on understanding how to solve the equations of motion for a floating or fixed body subject to water wave forcing in the time domain.  I have shown how to calculate the time-domain solution using the frequency domain and hwo to approximate the solution using the singularity expansion method.  I have even derived a new class of identities which must be satisfied by linear water waves.

Platonic Crystals

Working with Prof Ross McPhedran from the University of Sydney and my PhD student Mike Smith I have been studing platonic crystals, which is a name given to crystal structures which are governed by the thin plate equation or biharmonic equations. These represent a novel class of metamaterials which could have a wide range of applications.


The following is a partial list of people with whom I am collaborating or have collaborated with

Ross McPhedran, The University of Sydney
Rodney Eatock Taylor,  Oxford University
Chris Poulton, UTS Sydney
Colm Fitzgerald, Oxford University
Chris Linton, Loughborough University
Malte Peter, University of Augsberg
Luke Bennetts, University of Adelaide
Vernon Squire, Otago University
Izolda Sturoa,  Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics